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Chikkin got its start when high school friends Eddy Valiquette (guitars), Greg Evans (bass), and drummer David Tomlinson began jamming around in the mid '70s. By this point Tomlinson had already played on Klaatu's "Dr Marvello" in '73. The three Yorkville-area teens ended up taking a shot at the music biz more or less full-time, and did some shows around Toronto, then the rest of area b-circuit.

They shopped themselves around but no one was buying, so they set up their own label, Egg Records in 1978. Fusing occasional experimental synthesizers into a straight-out rock sound, they released their only lp, WHICH CAME FIRST? later that year.

Despite some decent marketing (pressed on white vinyl with embossed lettering on the jacket), the record was a cranky critic's dream - weak both lyrically and musically. It was a little too artistically abstract for some and not well done at all for most everyone else.

Still, some decent marketing ideas were shown on both the album, and the Valiquette-penned single that went nowhere, "I'm Not A Sin." Other low-lights included the funk-driven lead off "Replica," "Big Dream Sell" with a bit of French lyrics thrown in (presumably to hopefully get some Quebec airplay), and the jazz-twinged instrumental "Spacious."

Few copies were sold, and they toiled on the circuit for another year or so before packing it in, and took their place in the annals of Canadian music trivia.

  • With notes from Armin Steiner, David Tomlinson, Derek Von Erich

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