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Raised bi-lingual in Edmonton, Gabrielle Bugeaud grew up in a musical family, and even as a child was performing in front of crowds. New French TV regulations came into effect in 1970, and exploiting her sweet innocence was easy, making her a little screen darling, a local star, and the first Alberta francophone to cross over as a pop star.

She was in the choir that performed an historic tour of Israel in 1977 while still a teen. On the side, she continued working around the region representing the francophone community, gaining experience in front of crowds at everything from Sugar Shacks to store grand openings, parades, and festivals.

She developed a light pop style as she sang more in English, and at 19, Barry Allan (Bryan Adams' manager, among a gazillion others in later years) saw her playing in a bar and agreed to represent her. He got her some session time at Sundown Recorders in the summer of '78. Those early demos got her a deal with Edmonton indie label Squiddity Records, and distribution through Prestige Productions.

And with Maurice Fritz producing, she called on a sessions group that included guitarists Trevor Dunn and George Blondheim (who also served as co-producer with her), Tom Doran on bass, and drummer Brian Newcombe. The result was POSITIVELY, released in 1979, a collection of mostly covers and session writers ranging from The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody," and Rita MacNeil's "Now You've Learned To Love" to Kenny Loggins' "Wait A Little While" and the French "Bonsoir." "The French Song," on the other hand, was actually in English.

The title track was released as a single, but it went nowhere due to a limited budget from a label that went belly up soon after the album's release.

She stayed busy in the francophone community while doing shows on the bar b-circuit, and tweaked her image. Now married, she now went by Gabrielle Bujold when she released her follow-up SEULE A REVER in 1987, self-produced and financed on a shoestring budget. The album featured three French tracks, all making the Top 20 on Quebec radio charts.

Tired of the road, interested in other projects, and raising a family kept her busy, and she dropped touring, working instead with the Alberta francophone community in various productions and projects. She occasionally did session work for Mavis McCauley and Richard Stepp, then retired out of the business all together.

Make It Tonight
Wait A Little While
Unchained Melody
The French Song
I Can't Help Myself
This Land
Now You've Learned To Love
No One Knows

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