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Formed in Vancouver in 1980 by guitarist and singer Bill Barker, the group was rounded out by bassist Ray Fulber, organist Jan Henriksen, and drummer Bruce Faulkner.

Bruce Faulkner played drums in Scissors in the beginning and John Cody replaced him. John Cody later played drums in Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion and was replaced by Bruce Faulkner. The Scissors' Bill was Billy Barker. Scissors also featured future Poisoned alumn Ray Fulber (bass). Both were in pre-punk era band called Nytro (which also included future Enigmas and Subhumans drummer Randy Bowman!) Barker produced The Enigmas' first two albums. Here's something for the upcoming season. This is “Underwear Wolf” which was from a Hollow Wieners EP circa '84. This was produced by Bill Barker soon after the demise of the Scissors. It's Bill on vocals, Jan Henriksen (long time Scissors keyboard player who passed on shortly after this was recorded), Terry Alton on guitar, Ross Angeles on bass and yours truly banging away. Bill was a massive talent, and it was always an adventure working with him. I was there for the Scissors EP, and came back for quite a few projects afterwards, including this, and another seasonal effort the following year for Very Scary Cemetery. "Underwear Wolf" was finished after the group's official demise, and was released on a various artists Hallowe'en EP called HOLLOW WIENERS in '84. It featured Barker, Cody, Henriksen, Ross Angeles on bass and guitarist Terry Alton. Four years later, the band surfaced again with another unreleased track, '"Mystery Movie" appearing on the compilation LAST CALL - VANCOUVER INDEPENDENT MUSIC '77 - '88, four years later.

All songs written by Bill Barker, © Milk Music Bill Barker (Lead vocals, guitar) Ray Fulber (Bass, vocals) Jan Henriksen (Organ, vocals) John Cody (Drums) Recorded at Profile Studio, Vancouver Mixed at Ocean Sound, Vancouver Engineered and Produced by Mick Masters and The Scissors

  • With notes from Cody Armstrong, Stickboy

    SCISSORS (1982)
    Do You Like It?
    Summer Girls
    Wrecked My Car
    Don’t Call Me Chick
    All This And More

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