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He said it was a great way to spend his birthday, and William Prince commented he was “honoured and humbled” to spend it with the crowd at Maguire’s Bridge on Saturday night. Originally from Pegasus First Nation outside Winnipeg, he’s toured the country, and has also made several trips overseas, gaining a considerable amount of respect and following along the way. He’s won a number of awards, played just about every major festival, recently opened for Dwight Yoakam, and will be adding Susan Aglukark and Buffy Sainte Marie to that list this summer. His show was full of intimate stories - growing up in a family that didn’t necessarily have a lot, but had everything he needed. “Life wasn’t always the greatest,” he said about living in a small house at one time without even running water. “But it was always the best.” A common theme throughout the evening, he thanked his parents for the grounded upbringing that provided him the opportunity to do what he loves to do today. His father was a preacher, so Prince naturally first got into music because of the church choir. “I started out playing piano, but the girls just didn’t dig that,” he joked. From “Eddy Boy” - an ode to his father, to the title track to his new album, “Earthly Days” about now having a child himself, family roots are an important element to his music. A testament to his charm, it wasn’t just his cover of “Ring of Fire” that had the crowd singing along. They were just as eager to take part in the original material from his two albums - songs they probably hadn’t heard previously. But it’s that connection with his audience that made his show such a memorable evening.

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    earthly days
    EARTHLY DAYS (2015)
    You Got Me
    Little Things
    The Carny
    Eddy Boy
    Earthly Days
    Bodyguard & the Beer Girl
    All I Know

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