Jim Cuddy

Born in 1960 in Coatsdale, Scotland, Frew emigrated to Newmarket, Ont as a teen with his mother. He’d already fronted a local group called Onyx, but when the money dried up, so did their interest in continuing. But by the ’82, he formed Tokyo, which morphed into Glass Tiger. The band all but owned the Canadian charts and scored huge with a number of hits in the US and Europe as well.

Even as far back as the beginning, Frew said it was just natural his songwriting would mature over the years in terms of tackling various social and political issues. It’s something in which he noted he probably has a different approach to writing. “I suppose growing up in a small part of Scotland, you see things one way and then you move to a new country,” he explained.

After three multi-platinum albums, a changing musical landscape pushed Glass Tiger to hang it up in the early 90’s – something he said is just the nature of the beast. “A lot of what happens is there’s a lot of fads, fashions, and flash in the pans, and there’s always one single style, one look or genre that’s pushed aside for another. When Glass Tiger first came on the scene, you had to know that somebody – some artist or group suffered because of that because the industry says everyone has to be like Glass Tiger. Then it was someone else’s turn.”

all in time
ALL IN TIME (1999)
Second Son
Too Many Hands
New Year’s Eve
All In Time
Slide Through Your Hands
I’ll Make Believe It’s You
Making My Way To You
Everybody Cries
the light that guides you
The Light That Guides You Home
Maybe Sometime
All I Need
Married Again
Pull Me Through
She Gets Down
Countrywide Soul
Will I Be Waiting
One Fine Day
What She Said
Stagger In

blue rodeo