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Riding the insurgence of Alberta's new wave of metal, Joshuas Habit was formed in Calgary at the turn of the millennium by frontman and bassist Travis Pankiw (ex of Tightrope), guitarists Eddy Whiskey and Zik, and The Gooch on drums.

It wasn't long before they'd become one of the hottest tickets in southern Alberta, and were branching out across the province and the rest of western Canada. The road trips continued for the next couple of years while Pankiw was writing some original material. Opting to go the independent route, they released their debut album in 2002, IMAGES OF ENERGY, featuring the single "Save Yourself."

Produced by the band and Todd Kerns and recorded at MCC Studios in Calgary, CAUTION - CONTENTS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE was in the stores in 2002. No videos were made, but the follow-up album fused their diverse classic rock roots with an aggressive modern rock sound. The lead-off "Who Am I" and "Flipside" both got good airplay across the prairies. Other heavy hitters like "Propaganda" and "Contagious" kept them busy as they got to know the highways across Canada, from BC to the east coast, and as far north as Dawson City. The airplay they were getting on the new rock stations in pockets also led to a highlight of the tour schedule for the next couple of years, making the lineup for the Big A$$ Border Bash in Cold Lake, Alberta, argued by many as one of the country's best festivals in years.

Their work ethic was rivalled only by the reputation they were gaining for their live show, and they continued on the road while writing material for the next album. WASH THE FILTH debuted in the top 5 on many radio stations' new album charts in 2007. The lead single "Pointing Fingers" was named the regional winner of the Canadian Natinal Songwriting Competition. on the

The ensuing tour schedule took them into the States, and lasted for a couple of years while they opened for the likes of The Trews, State of Shock, Drowning Pool, Skid Row, and Collective Soul.

In early 2008, they continued to keep themselves busy by playing non-stop across the country. They also released the single "Drama Queen," which again did well on the charts, and the accompanying video, which got good rotation on Much Loud.

Putting the band on hold, Pankiw instead chose to release a self-titled album from his side project, Lounge Pistol. But resurrecting Joshuas Habit, they won the winners-take all 2011 Star Search Competition put on by Calgary radio station The Vibe 98.5, earning them the right to open for Bon Jovi at The Saddledome and a cool $100,000. It's a contest the band almost didn't enter, since they came in as runners-up a year earlier. Pankiw even tried to cash the big-ass novelty cheque at a local Money Mart, but couldn't. But when they received the actual money, it was used wisely - to help fund the next album, which came the next year in the form of TORN, and the production of their first video, for the lead single, "Whiskey and Women."

TORN was recorded live off the floor with the absolute minimal board tampering. This meant the ripping guitars, pounding drums, driving bass, and emotional and powerful vocals from the band's on-stage magnetism were all captured onto disc in tracks like the singles "Whiskey & Women" and "When I'm Gone."

  • With notes from Jaclyn Arndt

    caution - images of energy
    Save Yourself
    caution - contents highly addictive

    Who Am I
    Hold On
    You Can't Have Me
    Take The Waters
    Get Laid
    wash the filth
    WASH THE FILTH (2007)
    Pointing Fingers
    Shut Me Down
    Out Of My Hands
    Drama Queen
    El Sanchez Interludo
    Too Late - One Track Mind
    I Can't Live
    Communication Breakdown
    Not The Same
    TORN (2012)
    Whiskey and Women
    When I'm Gone
    Time Away
    Broken Monarchy
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