Shred Kelly

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Formed in 2009, Shred Kelly is a Fernie, BC based group that’s actually comprised of former Ontario residents who’d ventured west for the love of the mountains. Centred around Tim Newton on banjo and guitars and keyboardist Sage McBride, they wrote some material while playing mostly during open-mic nights around the ski village clubs.

With guitarist Steve Polit, Jordan Valaaschaert on bass, and drummer Ian Page-Shiner, they were on-again off-again throughout the circuit in BC and Alberta, riling up the crowds with folk-tinged upbeat tempos. They honed their chops and with enough money stashed for some studio time, the sessions became their debut album in 2010.

GOODBYE JULY was highlighted by an eclectic combination of rhythms with tracks like “Lessons Learned” and “Tornado Alley.” They followed it up two years later with IN THE HILLS. Deep, soulful cuts like “Cabin Fever,” “New Black,” and “Time Is Passing” got them some airplay on college and indie radio, and the video for “Rowed Away” opened up new doors.

They were gaining a reputation for their high energy on stage and their following was growing overseas. They formed their own label, Shred Kelly Records, and SING TO THE NIGHT was released in 2014 with new guitarist Jordan Vlasschaert. Videos followed over the next few months for the lead-off title track, “Family Oh Family,” and “Going Sideways,” while the band was also gaining more radio time, as well. They embarked on a western Canadian tour, then across Canada. And over the next few years they also made their way into the clubs and beer halls throughout Europe, Australia, and into the US.

The time in between records paid off with what critics hailed as their most well thought-out and complete effort to date in 2018’s ARCHIPELAGO. Starting with an album release party in Edmonton in mid February, the band kicked off an ambitious set of dates that took them throughout Canada, and in the fall back to Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. Along with the first single, “Jupiter,” the band’s experiences laid the backdrop to compelling ‘stoke folk’ numbers like the title track, spurred by their time visiting friends in Norway.”

Through touring they’ve captivated audiences with a high energy live show that ignites dance floors with an alternative folk sound, fusing traditional and modern sounds in a unique, compelling way. Along with picking up several local area awards, they also got the nod for best video at the Western Canada Music Awards for “Sing To The Night” in 2017.

goodbye july
Goodbye July
I Hate Work
Lessons Learned
Ghost Inside My Head
A Song
Lucky Penny
Tornado Alley
Lost Mind
Echoes Of Pearson
in the hills
New Black
Cabin Fever
The Bear
Time Is Passing
Rowed Away
The Cold
Leaving Town
Fossils And Tin
Whiter River
Jewel Of The North
sing to the night
Sing To The Night
Family Oh Family
My Vessel, My Grave
Stuck Between
Going Sideways
Stereo Paperweights
Person Of The Heart
Start Again
Move On
Eyes Are Open
Don’t Ever Look Back
Jupiter (any Other Way)
Stay Gold
Way Down
Die Trying
Didn’t Know
Wasting Time