Adele Wilding

Artist: Adele Wilding
By: Dan Brisebois

The first true solo effort from UK, then Toronto native Adele Wilding is SKETCHES ON BLUE, full of the vibrance and soul her fans have come to expect, and new fans will appreciate. Now calling London home again, she’s gained a worldwide reputation as a prolifc entertainer that combines jazz and pop in a very palatable way, first with Wilding & Co, and now on her own.

She’s a wonderful pianist with soul, and uses a solid core of studio musicians for this, consisting of Barry Smith and Simon McChesney on sax, and Anderson brothers Charlie on double bass and Murray on drums. It’s a three song EP that begins with her dusting off an old Bruce Cockburn classic, “Incandescent Blue,” and breathing new life into it with a clever piano, lounge-style interpretation.

With “Ghostland,” you’re treated early to a revved up back beat rhythm highlighted by double sax solos with the piano underlying this bit of instrumental pleasure. The title track utilizes her sultry vocal prowess to its fullest, and puts SKETCHES ON BLUE in a unique category. Adele showcases her pop sensibility in her songwriting and improvement as an artist.


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