The Adopted

The Adopted
By: Dancin’ Monkey

Hailing from the nation’s capital, The Adopted are comprised of Cheetah Davy Lai on vocals & guitar, drummer Ryan Dunford and Anthony Way on bass. They’ve been making waves in the Iindependent seas since ’87, putting out a number of self-financed discs and tapes. Some of their career highlights have included opening up for Gowan, Natalie Merchant, The Northern Pikes, and The Grapes of Wrath.

Their latest effort is FRUITION, released in 2002. The 3-track EP was written entirely by the band with Cheetah handling all lyrics. His thought-provoking way of tackling today’s issues is refreshing, a true gem in the ranks of the up-and-comers. “Frayed” and “Sublime” are two prime examples where you can’t help but think these guys are going to go far. Their style subtly mixes grunge, punk and a modern flare to hard rock. I found this CD to be a good one to listen to. The second track, “Lament” is my favourite of the three. This is a slick number full of ‘tamed angst’. Like the band in general, it has all kinds of potential. The singer has a unique voice, and the bass is quite prominent. The music was mixed together very well that gives them their own distinctive style.

These three guys get together and share their creative ideas to the world in a certain fashion. The Canadian independent scene is a big sea. The Adopted are like the light you see shining off in the distance, guiding the way to top-notch rock.