Gary & Dave

albums w/ jackets & lyrics
Born in Charlottetown, PEI, Gary Weeks moved to the Toronto area with his family as a child. It was while in school he met Newmarket, Ontario native Dave Beckett. Right up through their times at the University of Western Ontario, they played in several bands together, including The Diplomats and Edgar And The Allan Poes.

As part of a United Appeal concert in London, Ontario their latest band, The King Bees, finished fourth in a talent contest. It led to a deal with RCA Victor later that year, and they were teamed up with producer Martin Shapiro for the single “Little Girl” b/w ” “What’s Your Name,” both tunes written for the band and From that point on, the duo decided to make a go of the music business full time.

Pamela Bryan (vocals, guitar), Jeff Cunningham (drums), Stefan Dzubiella (bass, 1995), Vova Poplavski (bass, 1995-96), Grant Tarapacki (guitar, 1998-99), Murray Rutherford (bass, 1998-present), Stuart Ellis (guitar, 1999-present)