albums w/ jackets & lyrics
B Hi Dan & David, thanks a lot for your interest and kind comments from (Johnny & Richard) regarding “Zingo” . I will answer your questions: “Zingo” Band with “Keith Scott” on Guitar who later joined “Bryan Adams” and the rest is History were a Vancouver Band together for about 6 years in the 70s. Yes we were Managed by Bruce Allen and later by “John Iuele” who worked with “Bruce Allen”. Back then we played Clubs 6 nights a week “Body Shop” etc and toured all over Canada. Eventually Signed a small Record deal with “Harbor Records” in England, Produced by “John Schroeder” who Produced “Status Quo” (Pictures of Matchstick Men) and some other #1 Hits in the UK. We Recorded 4 songs at famous “Little Mt. Studios” around 1977 in Vancouver before all the Big Bands like AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Aerosmith, all recorded their huge Albums there. We started doing tours playing Coliseums, and Arena Shows with “Beach Boys, Canned Heat Blues Band, Brownsville Station, John Lee Hooker, Trooper, Sweeny Todd etc”. and had a Single released in UK and Europe on Harbor Record Label. We had started recording a whole Album at “Little Mt Studios” but unfortunately never got to complete the Full Record due to some Business problems with our current Record Label “Harbor Records” in UK. and other missed opportunities such as the “Beach Boys” wanting to Sign and Produce the Band on their own Label. So we started a Album but it was never finished. Fast forward to Jan, 2016 “Jim Buckshon” and “Renegade Sounds” released a full Zingo Album of our old material that included the 4 songs we recorded at Little Mt Studios, 2 x old songs that we recorded new with “Keith Scott” in May 2015, and a conglomeration of low budget Demos of some other songs we wrote back in the 70s. Since the “Zingo” Album has been released in Jan. 2016 we have been very fortunate to have it reviewed all over the World, and Broadcast Worldwide many times from London. UK and other Countries in Europe. Although we wish we had had the opportunity to Record this Record properly in a Big Studio, the release of the Album was more of a “Labor of Love” to get some of our old material released before all the old damaged tapes disintegrated and the music was lost forever. The Album is available for purchase at “Neptoon Records” on Main in Vancouver, and online at following locations “Zingo Bandcamp, Renegade Sounds, iTunes, CDBaby, and Spotify etc.” plus other various Music Retailers in US and Europe.