Bitter Suite

Formed in 2004, Bitter Suite is a collection of Canadian musicians who got together to produce their debut, CRIME OF LOVE the next year, some with more previous success than others. Spearheaded by David J Petovar, the roster included George Christon of Kick Axe and Don Wilk of White Wolf sharing the lead vocals with him. The project’s supporting cast included Carry Jay, Kelly Brock, Mick Dalla Vee, Steve Crane, Greg Filan, Elio Martelli, Randy Black, Craig Brooks and Lindsay Dumaine.

Petovar scored a deal with Metal Mayhem Records in ’05, and released CRIME OF LOVE later that year. With Petovar overseeing production, the melodic rock lp was a collection of 13 songs that were a throwback to the ’80’s hair days. In fact, 4 of the tracks were written in ’91, while the others were originally penned a year later. The title track and “Give Me The Night” served up a pounding backbeat and axe solos that reminisced to pointy guitarred, twin axe attacks. “Hard To Say It’s Over” meanwhile was a keyboard-laden power ballad that showcased the writing versatility.

The album also featured two women on individual tracks. Carrie Jay, often compared to as a cross between Darby Mills and Chrissie Steele on “Forever Tonight,” and Kelly Brock on “Bad Boys,” two more power ballads that cranked it up a notch.

crime of love
Crime Of Love
Prayin’ For The Rain
Forbidden Desires
My Lucky Day
Hard To Say It’s Over
Here Tonight
Right Place Wrong Time
Look Into My Heart
Give Me The Night
If I Live Tomorrow
After The Storm
Forever Tonight
Bad Boy

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