China White

After toiling on the ‘B’ circuit in several bands through the late ’70s to minimal success, Edmonton’s Rick Shermack decided a change in direction was in order. “I decided it was time to put together a group that would start out working the better and more profitable “A” circuit, and hopefully slowly develop that into a recording band,” he explained.

He approached Danny Makarus, who was a manager and agent for many years of bands such as Andromeda, Pretty Rough, and country bands Kidd Country and Gary Lee & Showdown. He also headed up his own record company, DMT Records, and his own studio with partner Gerry Dere, a Juno Award winning producer/engineer (and member of Privilege) whose credits included Wes Dakus,
Desert Rain
I Am The Needle
Pleasure and Pain
That’s My Girl
Little Bit
Necessary Evil
Cry For The Stranger


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