CD review: HERE
By Melissa Hogan

Do you still rock and roll? If it’s been awhile, Crush can show you how. Take Cory Tetford’s gospel upbringing. Blend in a love of classic rock ‘n roll. Mix together with Paul Lamb’s songwriting skills. Put the new mixture on the road for a year then send it to the studio. The result is Here, the new CD from Crush. The Newfoundland-born, Halifax-based duo first worked together when they joined other up-and-comers Dave Carmichael and Ian Janes a few years ago for something they called The Main Event. Something clicked on that tour and not long afterwards Tetford and Lamb teamed and started work on an album.

Live, the first single from Here, is made for radio. Both adult contemporary and full out rock stations can play it without fear of alienating their audience. It’s also the perfect pick-me-up on the drive to work in the morning. “It’s a song about living your life to the fullest. If you are not happy with your life – change it,” explains Paul. The title track from Here sounds like it would be a natural follow-up single to Live. It has a great singable chorus that hooks the listener. Very radio-friendly. In fact, the album has about a half dozen tracks that could easily be radio singles.

The CD is filled with mostly upbeat rock songs and the occasional mid to slow tempo song such as Walk With You and Leaving. The bridge of Really Don’t Want To sounds eerily like one of the Beatles’ psychedelic tunes. It sounds like something John Lennon would have written. The heavy guitar and vocal harmonies of Excuse are reminiscent of a typical 80s rock song. There are even some electronic sounds and disco-inspired guitar on the closing track, Get It On.

In short, there’s a little bit of everything thrown into the melting pot. After listening to Here, it would surprise me if big things didn’t happen for this band soon. With an experienced management team behind them, a polished, well produced CD in their hand and years of touring experience in their back pocket, the band has all the big pieces in place. Crush has a great modern rock sound, catchy lyrics and an infectious energy that’ll be sure to grab you.

Concert review: Saint John, NB – November 16, 2001
By Melissa Hogan

It was a magical night in Saint John. And no, I’m not talking about the release of the new Harry Potter movie. I’m talking about a little bit of a music magic that was going on at O’Leary’s. I’m talking about Crush. The Irish pub decided to abandon their usual fare of shanties, cover songs and pub tunes for a night and invited Crush to rock the house. It’s been a long time since there was that much energy in the room. The band felt the need to warn the crowd that what they were going to play was not what O’Leary’s was used to. They needn’t have worried. Saint John loved them.

Crush is a modern rock band fronted by Newfoundlanders Cory Tetford and Paul Lamb and backed by Scott MacFarlane on bass and Santiago Serna on drums. Ever since they formed over a year ago there’s been a steady buzz about this band. Crush’s songs are filled with clever hooks, memorable guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. Their first single, ‘Live’, has recently moved up to #14 on the Atlantic Canada Countdown and has been enjoying radio play all over the East Coast.

You can tell that Tetford and Lamb have a close relationship. Their stage shows is filled interaction between the two. Most of which occurs without a word being spoken. Throughout the night Lamb would look at Tetford with a mischievous glimmer in his eye, other times with a look of awe as Tetford wailed away on the guitar or impressed the crowd with his belting vocals. Their interaction on stage alone was worth the cover. It was obvious that the band was having fun on stage. Sometimes the energy would overcome the band which would result in much bouncing, head bopping and in general, lots of rocking out. The energy on stage spilled over into the crowd were a few brave few tried to dance in the very crowded bar.

Their show ended with a rowdy version of ‘Live’. People dancing in the aisles or bopping in their chairs and the band wailing away. And just when you thought they were finished they surprised the crowd with another chorus of the song. It’s safe to say that they left the Saint John crowd wanting more.