Dan Peter

Dan Peter
By: Dan Brisebois

Dan Peter is a veteran of Edmonton’s underground scene, and has released his debut solo, TRANSISTOR. He credits Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd at the top of his influences, but TRANSISTOR is definitely not either. Peter mixed and recorded in the City of Champions, and the result is a collection of soulful originals with melodies and rhythms second to none.

“Lunar Man,” complete with a radio broadcast of the Roswell incident, gives a glimpse as to this artist’s tastes and interests. It starts a journey of six songs that provoke inner emotion and is full of heart, soul, and potential. Peter’s precision in the studio has created a number of tracks as good as any on the airwaves today. Contemporary bliss fills your veins while listening to “The Shorline Walls,” “Higher Ground” and “Telemssage.”

Peter’s vocals remind you of the depths of Crash Test Dummies, with a sort of Leondard Cohen styled “rhythmic rumblings” thrown in for good measure. Indeed, the album’s filled with straight forward, simple arrangements. And with “Worms” and “Time Rolls On,” it’s forged with everything from alternative rock to folk, and the album’s honesty stands on its own with a definite humble, grass roots edge.

Dan Peter’s arrived on the scene, and solid from start to finish, TRANSISTOR is definitely worthy of attention.