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Guilty As Charged
Darkstar was formed by Toronto’s Timothy Chipman on guitars and keyboards with brothers James Paul and Peter Cassar on bass and drums. They played the local bar scene for a couple of years while honing their hard rock act and writing some material.

In 1977 while playing in New York a chance meeting with songwriter Al Munson led to them recording his song written with Bobby Ray Appelberry, “Holy Roller” – not the Nazareth tune – on Lifesongs Records. It went nowhere and did nothing, and they went home and carried on.

They formed their own Ariel Records in ’78 and released their debut album, INTO THE HEARTLAND that summer. “Hit and Run Lover” and the title track were relesaed as singles and indicative of the band’s heavy beat, but neither made a chart impression.

Oddly, they changed their name to The Foxrun Band for their next record, YOU’RE INVITED in early ’79. Recorded at Kinck Sound in Toronto, it was much the same as their first record musically. But tried to expand their sound, Margo Davidson (later of Parachute Club was brought in on sax and bg vocals. Again written predominantly by Chipman, it featured the title track b/w “Do It In The Dark,” as well as “Magical Gir,” “Summer Moon,” and “Living In Toronto.”

A year later and they were back as Darkstar, releasing ESCAPE ROUTINES in 1980. The sound was more mainstream, and along with the somewhat succesful single, “Postcard From Jamaica,” it was followed by “Won’t Be Disappointed” and “Wondering Who.”

They were back as The Foxrun Band for the MYSTERY NEWS in late ’81. It again featured Margo Davidson, and the title track b/w “Embrace” was released as a single. The trio resurfaced in ’84 for their final offering, the single “River of Tears.”

The Cassar brothers got out of recording all together but continued working with other bands with Ariel – including Joey Barnett, Essence, and Diane Page, among others. Chipman meanwhile also continued recorded for Ariel, forming Sierra Blue and The Play throughout the ’80s, each good for a pair of singles.

into the heartland
Intro (One More Time)
Love Celebration
Into The Heartland
Hit And Run Lover
Travelling Sad
Get Away
One More Time
Gonna Be A Fool
Straw In The Wind
Magical Girl
The Good Fortune To Please
Reprise (Into The Heartland)
you're invited
as The Foxrun Band

You’re Invited
Do It In The Dark
Keeping Company (With The Past)
Don’t Hang Up On Me
You Got Style
Magical Girl
Out On A Limb
Different Ways
Living In Toronto
The Night Is Still Young
escape routines
Won’t Be Disappointed
Postcard From Jamaica
Night People
Same Old Me
You Need A Holiday
Come And Go
Haunted Love
Never Keep A Lady Waiting For Love
The Night Is Still Young