The Electric Company

The Electric Company
By: Dan Brisebois

Formed in 1999 by lead vocalist/bassist Joshua Kilbride, drummer Jason Neary and the dual guitar attack of Craig Campbell and Kevin Compton, The Electric Company calls Borden-Carleton, PEI home. After spending the first few years as a bar cover band, they eventually began writing their own material until releasing their debut 7-track CD IMPRISONED in 2003. They’ve since become mainstays on the east coast, done festivals such as the inaugural Music Week New Brunswick Showcase in Moncton, NB, the 2003 Piece of Mind Festival and the Thrushfest in 2003 and 2004, as well as become campus radio station staples.

The band’s heavy influences include the likes of Megadeth, Metallica and Iron Maiden, but their flexibility stems from artists like Joe Satriani, Symphony X and Dream Theater, all evidenced in IMPRISONED. The epic title-track takes you on a haunting ride that can best be termed tamed angst, indicative of the enitre album.

“The Gift”, “Adrenaline” and “Rerun Days” all have guitar riffs that have Dave Murray and James Hetfield written all over them. There’s no shortage of penned-up energy in The Electric Company. “Concept Of Life” has two speeds – fast and overdrive, which is apparently the band’s philosophy. Even the instrumental “From Now Until The End” is a journey in itself.

“Beyond The Gate” starts out like many of the songs on IMPRISONED, almost deceivingly melodic. It doesn’t take long to figure out tho that it’s simply the race car that’s about to shift into second gear. Kilbride’s lyrics are strikingly insightful for someone still in University and the music is well-versed and slick for a group not coming from a meca-music capital … very refreshing.

The band isn’t concerned with under 3 minute radio friendly pop hits. Tracks five minutes + are common. A short ride doesn’t get you far and you can’t expect much. But an extended journey usually guarantees a trip you won’t forget, and almost always ensures it was worth the travel time.