CD review – 21 DAYS
By: Dan Brisebois

Self-produced, Geniro’s debut 21 DAYS is a collection of well thought-out, finely tuned gems. It’s a well-crafted musical ride that pays homage in parts to funk-laden rhythms. refreshing and slick. The Toronto native began his stage career at the age of ten. After playing the local circuit, he and his brother eventually found their way performing as far away as Sweden.

Led by the title-track, you’re instantly given a hint of a variety of musical flavours, the ingredients to a very good sampling of a wide array of influences and sounds. The album muses on life and love, charging with raw emotion and a fervent vocal style. Instantly memorable choruses are fundamental to the mix as the album continues with the flirtatious beats of “Unbelievable Lady,” to the Mediterranean flavoured gem “Lonely,” to the disco-tinged closer, “1 Night Stand.”

A dynamic effort for a debut album, 21 DAYS reveals an artist with an abundance of talent and musical diversity from a skilled performer who’s no stranger to the stage. Playing the drums in his brother’s bands was just the beginning. By 16, Geniro had turned his attention to the piano and began composing his own music. Able to experiment with his own sounds and grooves, he began to truly develop his craft and delve into the world of songwriting.

“When I write about something I’ve experienced in my life, the lyrics come out so much easier. The song practically writes itself,” Geniro said. “That also reflects on the performance aspect of the song. I’d rather be singing about something that has a meaning in my life because it makes my music more passionate and intense.”

On 21 DAYS , Geniro’s role moves beyond singer and songwriter to include producer. With the exception of four songs – “21 Days”, “Long Time,” “Runaway” and “Lonely” – that see Geniro teaming up with Yurko Mychaluk and George Vacval, the rest of the album was entirely self-recorded and self-produced. “I wanted my first album to sound absolutely different, like nothing else out there right now. People are exposed to so much music these days and influenced by so many styles, that they don’t want to buy an album that sounds the same on all 10 or 12 tracks. They want something that’s diverse. So that was my goal was to produce an album that didn’t sound the same throughout, that had some variety but still had the Geniro stamp on each song. I don’t think I could have accomplished that on this album if I had worked with only one producer that specialized in a certain style.”

By merging his personal style with modern rhythms of today, Geniro creates a pop sound uniquely his own. Blessed with a sincerity and integrity instilled in him from a very early age, Geniro is poised to place his mark on the nation’s musical landscape.