Guy Jones Band

l-r Doug Grant, Alfie Galpin, Guy Jones, Joey Wowk, Marco TambascoAmong the groups that tore up the Vancouver scene during the late ’80s was The Guy Jones Band. He assembled the group around guitarists Joe Wowk and Alfie Galpin, drummer Doug Grant (ex Ray Roper Band), and Marco Tambasco on bass.

They toured the Vancouver ‘b’ circuit in 1986, developing a progressive rock style that soon had them playing higher profile gigs. It led to a management deal with Sam Feldman’s group, and the band did some home recordings of some material they’d written, but no actual studio demos were done. Within a year, and without a recording deal, everyone eventually drifted their seperate ways.

Following the band’s demise, Jones continued touring the local circuit in various incarnations of mostly cover bands, then morphed into a predominantly Alice Cooper tribute that’s played predominantly in Canada and the US, as well as an Orient tour.

Galpin left to hook up with Darby Mills‘ first solo project Plain Jane, then joined Grant in The Edge. From there he went on to play with Wild Kingdom and Scotty & The Slam Dogs. He joined Mills again in the late ’90s in The Headpins. Wowk meanwhile joined touring ensembles of several west coast based bands over the years, including Sweeney Todd. He became a guitar instructor and opened Stone Finger Studio, producing and doing session work on various projects around Vancouver. Tambasco and Grant also bounced around in different groups for awhile, including Grant’s project in the early ’00s – a Bon Jovi tribute act.

  • With notes from Alfie Galpin, Guy Jones, Joe Wowk

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