The Guys

CD review – Live The Party
By: Dan Brisebois

Just when you’re resolved to there being nothing ‘fresh’ on the music scene … along come The Guys. The band’s composed of Thomas Love, Barry Fuse and Johnny Kikx and with their debut, LIVE THE PARTY, have no problem doing things their own way, with outstanding results. Kikx handles the majority of the vocals, but all three seem to have no problem trading instruments … almost whatever they’re each in the mood for at that particular time.

LIVE THE PARTY is just one of those discs you can’t help but like, with not a single lull. It’s well-produced pop full of tight hooks and a very general appeal, and a couple of tracks are among the best driving tunes out there right now, much better than the repeated nonsense on the airwaves. Prime examples of this are “Open Up” and “Feel Alright.”

The songs are almost grouped to a theme or feel. The lead-off tandem “Unloaded” and “Off Limits” let you know this Kitchener, ON trio is revved with a purpose. Fast and frantic, the party begins …

“Who Wants To Party?” and “Baby Girl” both have this funk boogie bass beat happening, and along with the slick solos, make for a very infectious, catchey groove.

“Way Down Low” is one of the many brilliant sparkles on this gem of an album, switching tempos without ever losing the mood. “Let’s Get Away,” the story of begging your loved one to just run away with you is another shining example of how a song can be personal and still widely appealing. The same can be said for “All Alone” and the folk feel of “Until You’re Here With Me.”

The album’s rounded out by anthing but filler. the quirky “Man Without A Mustache” and “Before You Run” help round out this very diverse sound of this very original trio.