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Born in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Harold MacIntyre grew up with music in his household, and even as a young boy, was known around Cape Breton as a talented lad that loved to invorporate his Maritimes roots into country music. He moved to Toronto in 1967 in his early 20s, where he earned his stripes playing all the honky tonks on his own and in a number of local area groups.

He In 1981 he was acclaimed Big Country’s New Artist of the Year. In 1984 he was Country Music News Male Vocalist. From 1981-1984 Harold was nominated for 4 Juno Awards. During his career Harold has played with many country greats including George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Carroll Baker, Johnny Burke and of course Paul Weber. There’s always a good time at The Commercial when Harold MacIntyre comes to town. “1979 was a hectic year. My personal business had kept me to the grindstone, and it seemed like everytime I opened up a newspaper some gorgeous tanned blonde would be inviting me to an exotic sun vacation. I called up my old songwriting buddy of 15 years, Larry Coad and asked what his schedule for January was. I soon found out that his year had been similar to mine, and that he had received two weeks in January for time-off. One week he had set aside for a recording session in Nashville with an up and coming country artist named Harold MacIntyre, the other week was to be spent in Pompano Beach, Florida relaxing. While in the studio, something very strange came over me. A tiny chill up my spine, and goose bumps appeared on my arms as I listened to the sounds these two men were creating. It was then I realized that this feeling had come to me before. Yes, it was the same as when I listen to George Jones, Ray Price or Marty Robbins, the same movement, the same magic. Within a very short time I found myself deeply involved in this project. On returning home to Canada, we released “George” the first single off this album, and found that we were not alone in our feelings. Public reception of Harold’s Talents has been unbelievable. Oh, by the way, if when you’re listening to this album, and you feel a slight chill, or you find those old familiar goose bumps rising, don’t bother to look for an open window. It’s Harold MacIntyre. He has a way of doing that to you with a song. Executive Producer Bob Burton” Personal Review: The one thing I have always hated about doing these record reviews was when the liner notes give a better introduction to the album then I can, it’s really rather disappointing, but it’s also easier on me. “Before She Made Me Crawl” opens the album, and whoa boy – this is definitely country, like pure 100- country. It’s not even all that bad either, it’s pretty good actually. I can honestly say I didn’t get the chills that are described in the liner notes, but hey, everyone reacts differently. After that comes “Billy Jones” comes next, and it’s a pretty nice track, it’s actually about two friends growing up, moving out to California and one of them becomes addicted to heroin, and by the end of the song he is dying of something. Not sure. “Margie” comes next, and well, so far, this song seems to be one of my favorites on this album, Harold is a pretty good singer! The song is pretty great. Then comes “Concrete Canyons” and by this point, it’s pretty evident that Harold is singing about real life experiences – you know, “It’s hard to find a job when you been to jail” line has to come from some personal experience. The A-Side ends with the song “George” which I am pretty sure is about George Jones – maybe? Maybe not. It’s a good ending track for the A-Side. “Isn’t My Love Strange” opens the B-Side, and Harold definitely sings about personal experience and from the heart, he is a really talented singer. I definitely love the emotion Harold puts into all of his songs. “Too Much Woman” comes next, and I love the steel guitar playing in this song, and Harold’s vocals are pretty great. “New York City Cowboy” comes up next, and I love how he describes a city cowboy – with their denim suits and ten year old mustangs. The musicianship is pretty great too, just saying. “Virginia” comes next, and well, Harold’s vocals are pretty good, the backing female vocals seem off and weird for me. “Living Above Our Means” comes up next, and ends the album, and it’s a pretty good way to end the album, Harold is a pretty talented singer. Interesting Facts: None. Track Listing: A1 – Before She Made Me Crawl A2 – Billy Jones A3 – Margie A4 – Concrete Canyons A5 – George B1 – Isn’t My Love Strange B2 – Too Much Woman B3 – New York City Cowboy B4 – Virginia B5 – Living Above Our Means Label: Burco Records Catalog Number: BRLPS-7051 Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits: Produced by Larry Coad & Larry Lee Executive Producer – Bob Burton All Songs Written by Larry Coad Published by Patchy Pants Music and Burco Music Recorded at Nugget Studios, Soundtrack and Waxwork Studios, Nashville, Tennessee Engineered & Photography by Gene Rice Steel Guitar – Sonny Garrish Guitars – Fred Carter, Jr., Fred Newell, Greg Galbraith & Dale Sellars Rhythm & Harp – Mike Davis Bass – Jack Ross & Bob Moore Piano – Bunky Keeles & Randy Goodrum Drums – Larrie Lundin & Jerry Kroon Dobro – Shot Jackson & Sonny Garrish Voices – The Cate Sisters & Marji-Lea Cody Stringes – The Cates Other Albums I Own by Harold MacIntyre: None. Released: 1980

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