Inner Surge

Inner Surge
Artist Review
By: Dan Brisebois

Raw punk/metal power with a slick edge best describes Inner Surge. This Calgary quintet consists of Steve Moore on vocals and guitar, guitarists Rob Spencer and Scott Taylor, Jason Rees on bass and drummer Bryan Sandau.

They’ve built a loyal following with their intense sound and have released 2 CD’s over their 4 year span, growing and maturing along the way. From the debut SOLUS VERUM in 2001, intense detail was spent on the lyrical content and its strong political messages, brissling with passion. They combine electronic metal elements with punk and Eastern influences into an eclectic blend unique on the scene. The 16 tracks make up an emotionally raw epic charged with deep-seeded emotions.

Their philosophy epitomizes unabashed energy, exploring topics of politics and social concerns. Their lyrics in fact reflect the changing social environment around them. One of their crowning moments in their young career in fact was showcased on the “Rock Against Racism 2002” concert in Calgary, as well as organizing a number of benefit concerts on their own for a variety of charities. Becoming staples of several fundraising shows around Calgary, Inner Surge has demonstrated that they not only have a message behind the music, but they’re not afraid to share it with anyone willing to listen, and their following is growing constantly.

Their latest release is 2003’s MARTIKA. The result of an ever-evolving music maturity, tracks like the lead-off “Censored”, “Silencer”, and “Driven” prove they’re one of the freshest sounds today in a quasi-punk/pseudo metal genre that until now had grown stale in recent years. “The Fall”, “The Deepest Wound” and “Backlash” also back up the group’s growing reputation of having an uncanny substance to their lyrical content.

Unlike all too many of Inner Surge’s contemporaries, this band has substance. Lyrical prowess backed by a heavy beat seems to come natural for these guys. Don’t be afraid to take a walk on their side of the street.