Keath Barrie

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Originally called The Colonials, The Halifax They don’t make ‘em like they used to. That goes for boats, women and bell bottom jeans. No one knows this more than Keath Barrie. Keath Barrie has been all over the world (when his boat isn’t tied to the docks – as it is on the cover.) He has seen places. He has loved. He has loved places, literally. He has on several occasions attempted to court and marry tracks of land. This album contains many tales of such love like “Apalachicola” and “San Sebastian”. “Apalachicola” is a tale of the promiscuity of shorelines in southern Florida. After several rejected proposals of marriage to Apalachicola, the poor man’s Panama City with a heart of Goldschlager, Barrie dropped by for a visit only to find San Sebastian sleeping with neighboring town Saint Joseph. Several attempts were made to burn Apalachicola National Forest to the ground, but only ended with restraining orders and a brief stint in jail for illegal deforestation. Tired by the rejection of the Americas – Barrie decided to slum it and go ethnic for “San Sebastian”. On a vacation through Spain, Barrie docked up on “San Sebastian”. And by “docked up” I mean “fucked.” Impregnated and shamed from the other cities in Spain, San Sebastian hid the pregnancy from Barrie by lodging in a shelter. San Sebastian later gave birth to their love child, Ibiza. Ironically Ibiza is now a popular destination for spoiled, rich children from affluent households. Barrie loved many other well located destination spots, but has become more famous for his resemblance being used for the Russell Crowe episode of South Park. All of Keath CD’s are “double albums” (except “Merry Christmas”) – they contain more than twice the music of regular CD’s – it’s like getting TWO CD’s for the price of ONE! Samples of Keath’s songs can be heard in MP3 format. Just click on the bold song titles below to hear each song sample. The Best of Keath Barrie – Volume 1 NEW! NEW CD! The Best of Keath Barrie Volume 1 $19.95 Beautiful Country Beautiful Country – Keath Barrie Beautiful Country $19.95 How Sweet the Sound How Sweet the Sound – Keath Barrie How Sweet the Sound $19.95 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas – Keath Barrie Merry Christmas $14.95 1. Peace* 2. Things I Like About Christmas 3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas 4. Mistletoe and Holly 5. Frosty the Snowman 6. Winter Wonderland 7. O’ Holy Night 8. It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas 9. Come See the Babe* 10. Silent Night 11. Coventry Carol 12. Count Your Blessings Keath Barrie — The music of Keath Barrie is for those who remember the “good ol’ days,” when music spoke differently to people’s hearts–emotionally and spiritually. His music is from a time when you could turn on the radio and just sit back and relax to songs that really meant something personal to listeners. “Keath Barrie’s rich mellow baritone voice welcomes the listener into the story of the song. During his music career, he recorded and wrote many memorable songs such as Apalachicola, Christian Island, Nova Scotia, Only Talkin’ to the Wind and The Old Lamplighter, to name just a few. His recordings included the best musicians of the day and he entertained people across North America at his concerts during the 70s and 80s.” 1975 was runner up for Most Promising Male Vocalist, lost to Gino Vannelli