By: Dan Brisebois

Released in 2010, ONE PEACE AT A TIME is the third, and most recent album from Karl Andriuk – a neatly packaged collection of totally relateable rock songs, full of energy and emotion that you’re drawn to listen to repeatedly. An occasional listen to this album just isn’t going to cut it.

Based out of Edmonton, he’s aligned himself with producer Doug Jenson (Jenson Interceptor) for the project, along with a strong supporting cast in the studio. And the result is easily one of the best Alberta indie albums of the year. It’s predominantly mainstream rock, often with a hard edge. But his far-reaching range is evident and impressive, and he shows his ability to shift gears without any problem whatsoever, and always with the same results.

Tracks like the acoustically-driven “Summer Day” and “Cigarettes” show the artist’s versatility and a look into the artist behind the music. His influences and inspirations are wide and varied, stemming from his early days playing the local honkey tonks, where he had to master not only country, but also rock, doo-wop, and R&B. It’s this blend of backgrounds that culminate into a total package, and a true musical ride.

“Prairie Town,” “Dust,” and “Open Channel” have infectious grooves all their own. Roots based that never seem to let up, they’re just three of several tracks that let his vocals shine.

“Over on the Downside” and “In Kind” are a look into Andriuk’s musical soul – power ballads with attitude – with searing guitar licks that that takes a back seat to none. Powerful and emotional, they’re indicative of an artist that’s constantly growing and exploring new terrains. In the same vein is “Highway Ride,” a cry out for something more…. although the subject matter isn’t necessarily the same, the results are – an exceptional piece of work.

There’s not one bad track on ONE PEACE AT A TIME, and some are gems, with very little adjustment of your mood at any particular moment necessary. With twelve songs to choose from, you’ll have your own favourites, but it won’t be easy. It’s only natural with an album this good.