By Dan Brisebois

Consisting of Tom & Julie Ferris and Kevin Kane, Vancouver’s Lazarazu is a unique blend of sonic rhythms, intricate melodies & uptempo beats. Their debut album ‘Floodlit’ has been unleashed. What was becoming a stale techno sound is about to have some new life breathed into it.

Following his departure from The Grapes of Wrath, Kane hooked up with the Ferris’ in 2002 and the band quickly made their presence felt on the West Coast. They became staples on the local tv circuit and have already appeared at some of the area’s biggest shows, showcasing a live presence which has steadily garnered much praise.

The result of their work in the studios is a refreshing sound, full of tight hooks and melodies all woven into a well-produced package. Tom has earned a reputation for his work with the likes of Econoline Crush & Moev while Julie brings a voice which ranges from compelling and vibrant to captivating with mood & emotion.

The lead-off song, “I Live Through You” instantly creates an image set to change the way the modern pop scene is viewed. Haunting and intriguing, it typifies the general atmosphere of the album. The title-track is infectious yet haunting, as is the techno-driven “Scatterbugs”.

“Knee Deep” is one of the more intriguing tracks, with an eerie beginning which quickly changes beat – leading to easily one of the better songs on the current independent scene, and one of the highlights of an album that’s a true gem. Also shining bright are the dance-flavoured “Repercussions”, the intricate layerings of “If” and “Out From Under”. Any of these are future singles and have all the elements to become them. The band showcases its versatility in the moody “Stringmachine” and “When We Died”.

Lyrically, FLOODLIT taps a wide array of emotions and are a perfect fit for the electronic-based pop elements. The songwriting in general are typical of what are bound to become staples in the continuing Canadian surge in the world music scene. Lazarazu incorporates engaging sonic rhythms with a diverse blend of roots – with a meticulously-engineered albumthat genuinely captures your attention on first listen. The beat and sheer craftsmanship will keep you coming back for more.