Lee Lindsey

Artist: Lee Lindsey
By: Dan Brisebois

Her ability to change musical directions from soothing pop into a journey of songs spanning several genres full of emotion and personal experiences drives Lee Lindsey’s ABOVE THE MADDING CROWD.

The Vancouver native has produced an album that varies stylistically – a rich combination of melodic experiences that take the listener on a personal and well planned out journey. The underlying core of the album’s appeal is her ability to translate her own reflections and emotions, starting with the lead-off “Journey,” an almost prophetic story of finding one’s self and life in general. The ride is smooth, travelling down the pop road with songs like “Wild Child,” “I’m Not Running,”

“Life Ain’t No Rehearsal” is nothing short of a country cross-over hit in the making. With a definite ‘Shania feel’ to it, the song is a natural two-stepper. It’s the only real ‘country’ song on the album and would seem out of place, if it wasn’t such a gem. It’s just one of several highlights on the album, and lets Lee’s versatility shine.

“Brave” begins with a compelling acoustic guitar and keyboard intro, then breaks out into an emotionally-uplifting power ballad. The next track is “More Than You’ll Ever Know., and like the title track, “Just A Girl,” “One Day At A Time,” it’s a glimpse into Lee’s relationship reflections, the embracement. The common element is the way in which listeners relate to the stories she tells – stories most people have related to at one time or another.

“Forgive Me Father” and “All About You” are just of the songs that profile Lee’s vocal prowess. In total, the thirteen tracks are held together with exceptional writing and strong production, which incorporates strings, percussion and keyboard arrangements that help round out the album’s whole. There really isn’t a single lull in the album, with some definite standouts.