Mood Jga Jga

After leaving The Guess Who in 1972 because of the usual ‘rock & roll irreconcilable differences’, Winnipeg’s Greg Leskiw (also previously with The Shags, Logan Avenue and then Wild Rice), was the brainchild behind Mood Jga Jga. He shared guitar duties with Herman Fruhm, and also took on the singer’s role. Along with drummer Gord Oslund and Bill Merritt on bass, they played Western Canada, and landed a deal with Bare Rocks Records, with distribution through Warner in the spring of ’75.

Recorded in New York with Phil Ramone, they released their self-titled debut shortly after, with the single, “Turn Around.” The horn arrangements mixed with the jazz influences in “Queen Jealousy,” and swing feel to “Gimme My Money” were premonition to Leskiw’s future endeavors into extreme musical versatility.

They continued to tour the country, making a few pitstops south of the border while trying to expand their base. Leskiw left before the band could record a follow-up, forming Crowcuss a year later with Fruhm. He later formed Les Q, which evolved into Kilowatt, which also featured ex-Guess Who alumni Bill Wallace and Donnie McDougall

Leskiw rounded up Mood Jga Jga again in the mid 90’s, releasing BOYS WILL BOYS in ’97. The honeymoon was over before you know it however, even though the band performed at various ‘big name’ Winnipeg events and even made it on to TV once or twice. The members soon drifted off once again to individual outside projects.

mood jga jga
Queen Jealousy
Only A Fool In Love
Kill The Hangman
Come And See Me Here My Friend
Nowhere To Go
Gimme That Money
I Am What I Am What I Am
Sending Money
Second Time Around The Woodpile

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