Perfect Affair

After Lennex had achieved nominal success and finally landed a record deal with Attic in ’82, the band fell apart, leaving Rick Rose to pick up the pieces and put together a new group. On the label execs’ suggestion he changed their name to Perfect Affair while assembling the new ranks. Brian Brackstone, the producer for Lennex‘s only ’45 was brought in on bass, Frankie Reach on drums and Rose’s brother Fred as the keyboardist.

Famed producer Mick Ronson (David Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Lou Reed, John Mellencamp) had already taken the band into the studio nearly a year later, so Walter Zwol’s job of doing touch ups on the recordings was fairly easy. The band’s eponymous debut was released in the spring of ’83, with “She’s Got It,” the track that landed Lennex on Q107’s Homegrown album a year later, which in turn helped secure the record deal with Attic. The song made the top 40, followed by “On The Edge.” Also featured were other hard-edged pop numbers like the lead-off “Visions,” “Remember,” “Queen of the Night” and “Hard Fight.” The album enjoyed moderate success at home and better results in Europe, where the keyboard-laden pop was more palatable. Brackstone left the group soon after the album’s release to work with Honeymoon Suite before a cross-continent tour ensued, followed by some dates in the UK and Germany.

But a year later, different musical visions between the members and being at odds with the label caused founder Rick Rose to fold up the tent. He would later go on to form the Rick Rose Band, as well as work as a session musician and write a number of film scores, including “Rude Awakening,” and has worked on other projects with the likes of Jim Steinman (Meatloaf), Anton Fig (Ace Frehley – David Letterman), Tom Douglas (Cheap Trick – Loverboy) and Barry Manilow, among many others.

perfect affair
She’s Got It
Through The Night
Light In Your Eyes
On The Edge
Queen Of The Night
Calm Cool & Collected
Hard Fight


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