Artist review

There are two types of people in the world: leaders and followers. Troy Neilson a.k.a. PIMP-T is the perfect combination of both: he leads those who yearn to learn; and yearns for the knowledge of his teachers. His dedication to hard work and passion for doing each and every job to the fullest of his ability has allowed him to earn the respect of his friends, family and peers.

Whether PIMP-T is on or off the hip-hop playing field, his leadership skills always shine bright. This computer science graduate from the University of New Brunswick was selected as a recipient of a prestigious NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) scholarship to do his Masters. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

PIMP-T first found his love of hip-hop thanks to his ongoing basketball involvement in his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Throughout high school and university, the men’s basketball teams constantly turned to Troy to provide them with timeless and energy-inducing warm-up tapes. In continuing with this trend, he has helped spice up a somewhat dry Computer Science Association after falling into the role of special events disc jockey.

This association with hip-hop led to PIMP-T’s involvement with his university’s newspaper, The Brunswickan. The prospect of free CDs was all the motivation PIMP-T needed to become involved. Now, four years later, PIMP-T has reviewed nearly 200 albums, writes for hiphopcanada.com under the moniker ‘Trizoy’ and has interviewed the likes of Swollen Members, Choclair, Kemo (of the Rascalz), Buck 65, Mastermind, Jelleestone, Moka Only and others.

At the same time, Troy’s interest in poetry began spilling over into his love of hip hop. Having performed rap cover songs, and his 1995 chemistry project, “Ice Ice Water”, with three different local bands, PIMP-T finally returned to the solo scene in 2000.

PIMP-T’s multimedia course in the summer of 2000 was the perfect opportunity to put into motion a seed that had been growing in his mind. The PIMP-T Project was a highly satirical shot at what the hip hop game had become. The project’s amusing video for “Tha PIMP-T Theme,” gained so much attention that it helped get ‘Tha PIMP-T Theme’ placed on the short list of nominees for best hip hop recording at the 2000 UMAC (Urban Music Association of Canada) Awards.

Having gained so much exposure under the embarrassing and demeaning name of “pimp”, PIMP-T secretly began the second phase of his project. This second phase consisted of the real and conscious side of his work, which was exposed on his next release, “Petty Crime.” Working under the acronym, P.I.M.P.-T., which stands for “Power Is Mindful Peace” – Troy, PIMP-T never sought popularity. His only desire was to stay true to himself.

This reigns true on the title track for his debut album, ‘Power Is Mindful Peace,’ due out in August 2002. Production for the album will include James Orr (WSP, Josh Martinez, Kunga219, Sean One), Classified, Nevski (MC Squeege, Tech Thai, K-Flow), Sean One, Electrical Discharge and others.

PIMP-T is a poet and hip-hop is the blessed way that he chooses to expose it.