Longtime Prism frontman Darcy Deutsch, who appeared on their 1993 release JERICHO, ventured on his own to do a variety of different projects. The BC native hooked up with Kenny Kaos, (real name Ken Loney) who he’d played with in Simon Kaos in the late 80’s and collaberated with on an act and lp called WHITE VISION in ’94 on the Long Island Records label.

Loney too was a veteran of the Canadian rock scene, having worked with Loverboy, Darby Mills and Giant (Later known as Power of Point), among others, on his way to becoming known as one of the west coast’s hottest studio musicians and local club acts. His production credits also included the likes of Alexis Bittersweet and Project X.

Loney and Deutsch began writing material and recruited fellow White Vision alumni Dave Hopia on bass, also formerly of Frenzy, another Vancouver club act that saw stages in the US. Prism-mate Andy Lorimer on keyboards and Brendan Ostrander on drums completed the lineup.

They recorded LIFE’S A GAMBLE and released it on Escape Music in ’96. With Loney producing and Paul Dean of Streetheart and Loverboy mixing, the end result was a hard rock sound mixed with slick rhythms and tight grooves, evidenced by tracks like the lead off “Ordinary Day,”, “MIssing In Moscow,” the tender “For You” and “Looks Like Its Over.”

Members soon drifted off to do outside projects again shortly after the album’s release and a few club dates. Deutsch became a vocal coach on the west coast and producer of independent artists.

life's a gamble
Ordinary Day
Missing In Moscow
For You
Heart’s Gone Crazy
Read Between The Lines
Road To Paradise
Make Me A Believer
Looks Like Its Over