The Steadies

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Offering a fresh mix of the popular Top 40 sound, The Steadies are flavoured with reggae influences, with a dash of soul for good measure. No matter your mood when you hear them for the first time, they carry you off to the beach in your mind and the club in your dreams.

Based out of Saskatoon, the band was formed by frontman and bassist Earl Pereira, following his dissolution of Mobadass after a pair of albums. But Pereira is best known as one of the founding members of Wide Mouth Mason, a pair of gold records, six top 5 singles, and three Juno nominations.

He started The Steadies in 2011 with Trinidad-born guitarist Justin Lee, and Jason Hattie on drums, releasing their debut EP that year. Self-titled, it instantly turned heads and garnered attention with its infectious grooves, and the single “You Got Me” earned them a top 50 hit in Canada and was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. The band was one of the featured acts during the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver, and played relentlessly across the country for the next year while working on a follow-up album.

With new drummer Lexie Miller, it came a year and a half later in the form of STARCITY SHAKEDOWN, and it too flew off the shelves. Following in the path of its predecessor, Pereria produced the album, and with the lead-off “I Don’t Like Music,” was full of hot spicy funk, dance rock, and soulful reggae. With tracks like “Way-Oh,” the title track, and “See You When,” the album’s roots were intricately entwined, and the beats undeniable. Also included was “Heart of Ice” featuring Make It Hap’n, a song that was also on the debut EP.

They followed it up with LOVE REVOLUTION in the summer of 2016, featuring “Run Run,” “Happiness,” and the title track. They continued playing throughout Canada via the festival circuit and the clubs. In ’07 they travelled to China for a series of shows. Lee was rushed to Saskatoon Hospital’s ICU on July 23rd, and passed away on July 25th, 2017 at the age of 40. His cause of death wasn’t disclosed. Pereira hosted an open mic tribute show at The Capitol Theatre in Saskatoon the next night.

the steadies
You Got Me
See You When I Go
Heart of Ice Foolish Game No Time For Love
starcity shakedown
I Don’t Like Music
Just You & I
Starcity Shakedown
See You When I Go
You Got Me
Don’t Give Up
Return of Island Rock
Heart of Ice
love revolution
Love Revolution (remix)
Run Run
Take Me Home
Cali Sun
Rockin’ Steady
Love Revolution
No One Else to Blame
Peace Officer