By Dan Brisebois

Sugakane’s second release is a 4-song all-out assault on your senses. It’s the dessert to the full course meal of 2004’s YEAR ZERO. OUT OF TIME picks up where its predecessor left off, leaving most other new hard boys on the block in the dust.

Their formation in 2001 by Edmontonians Spencer Barber and Andrew Misle and Cold Lake natives Tyler Wollman, and Nyles and Alex Varughese saw them quickly gain notoriety as one of the most refreshing live shows in years. They soon found themselves at concert venues across Western Canada backing up the likes of 54-40, Nazareth and Randy Bachman, and have made several trips south of the border.

Recorded at Vancouver’s famed Mushroom Studios, the album’s tight writing and themes have lent themselves perfectly to video. “Since You’ve Been Away” and “Out of Time” were shot in Edmonton, and feature acclaimed TV series producer Peter Wunstorf (Dark Angel and Smallville), and Chris Halmo.

Nyles Varughese confides OUT OF TIME could be the band’s big break. “Hopefully we can branch out, we’re looking for big things. The way we write music is very different, ours is very collaborative,” he says. “I think with any band after time, the songs get more complex, influences change. I think we’re starting to get a more mature sound,” Varughese noted, reflecting on the group’s progression in sound and style.

OUT OF TIME is a prime example of how to translate a band’s live energy onto disc. “Since You’ve Been Away” has already earned a spot in MuchMoreMusic’s regular rotation, and the album has burned up the charts at key locations across the country . They’re ready for the next step, make no mistake about it. They’re mean, hungry and ready to command your attention.

“It’s a bit flattering,” Varughese humbly admitted, but quickly added it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s heard the band, claiming, “Not trying to be cocky, but we think we belong with that calibre.” Introspective lyrics and frantic licks are the combination that’s the fuel to Sugakane’s rock and roll machine. Firing on all cylinders, they’re a runaway locomotive going full steam ahead.

Concert Review: Cold Lake, AB – July 9, 2005
By: Miss Grundy

alex varughese and Andrew Misle In what’s become typical fashion, Sugakane rocked The Camel’s Toe on the weekend. The hard rockers, comprised of three former local boys (guitarist brothers Nyles and Alex Varughese and drummer Tyler Wollman) played to a full house at the popular southside nightclub. Along with lead singer Andrew Misle and Spencer Barber on bass, the group did a high-energy gig.

Aside from singing some of their own best material such as “Out of Time” and “Since You’ve Been Away”, they also wowed the crowd with their covers of songs from U2, AC/DC, Metallica, and other classic rockers, proving their versatility as musicians.alex varughese

Whenever a band playing in a nightclub gets more people out on the dance floor than the DJ with his canned music, you know the band is doing something right. Sugakane was definitely doing something right, as the dance floor was alive with excitement throughout the night.

Towards the end of their second set, the Varugheses went head-to-head in a sort of “battle of the brothers”. The drummer set the beat, while Nyles and Alex took turns playing instrumental solos. The crowd was treated to a fine performance, and choosing a clear winner in this round of the contest would be difficult, at best.

Sugakane’s growing popularity on the Canadian independent rock scene is paying off in dividends. They played at last month’s LiveStock. They have also toured with Randy Bachman, Quiet Riot, Nazareth, 54-40, Wide Mouth Mason, Joshua’s Habit and The Tea Party.