Artist review
By Annie Seggie

SUPERTONIC is a band formed in Vancouver B.C . This band has a great sound, Pop with little jazz-fusion thing happening in their music. They have a very unique sound! The merging of these fine musicians has spawned a new love for performing live music. Energy is an abundant commodity in this band. The audience will surely pick up on the spirit Dino, Terry and Chris exudes when performing live. The music is guitar riff catchy; bass bottom groovy, and free fun ken fiery. What more could you ask for, but don’t take the bio’s word, check them out. Last year they played for one month in Grand Cayman. Earlier this year this year they were in Washington State, playing at the Apple Blossom Festival. In Januray 2003 Dino will be touring Germany with Melanie Dekker.

We are excited to tell you that our first full length CD is in its final stages of production, please contact Ann our manager/promotions or Dino .

Dino Dinicolo: full out front man and groove master bassist. Dino thus far has been responsible for the majority of the original material the band is currently performing. His musical career has taken him to Hawaii, Japan, and across Canada. Not to mention countless recordings in various styles of music. His most recent side projects have included playing for Danielle and The Book of 13, and jazz pianist Michael Moriarty (star of the TV show Law and Order). Dino also plays a bass player character in Disney’s So Weird. The man never stops. Terry Patton: Deep grooves, sparkling with a wide array of world beat nuances. Terry has toured and appeared on national TV specials with recording artists of many styles, ranging from country rock (Tom Jackson) to ethereal world beat funk rock, “Danielle Herbert”. Terry brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to SUPERTONiC. Terry’s unique style can be heard on recently recorded CDs of Danny Mack, and Melanie Dekker.

Christopher Percy: His business card reads; “He sure likes to play his guitar”. Whether it is folk acoustic pop, full out rock or East Indian raga, there’s nothing like performing live for Christopher. He has been exploring the space-time continuum with Danielle and The Book of 13. Honing his acoustic skills with the folk pop artist Jenny Galt. Chris is a credited music composer for Soul Decision, and now SUPERTONiC. Wielding wild guitar riffs coupled with the exciting rhythmic duo of Dino and Terry, the sky’s the limit.

So remember, a night with some SUPERTONiC might just be what the doctor ordered. And if your doctor doesn’t…get a second opinion.