This Day in History: 2022-12-26

Dec 26
1791: A cantata by English composer John Bentley is performed in Quebec City at the constitutional meeting which marked the partition of the colony into Upper and Lower Canada.

1937: Country star Ronnie Prophet is born in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

1945: Martin Fisher, pianist for Bobby Kris & The Imperials is born in Vancouver.

1966: It’s the third of a four night run at Boris’ in Toronto for Paupers and Luke & The Apostles.

1966: Ugly Ducklings peak at # 82 with “Just In Case.”

1966: The Paupers enter the Canadian pop chart at #83 with “If I Call You By Some Name.”

1968: Paupers are in Toronto for the first of two nights at El Patio.

1980: Madcats are in Toronto for the fifth of a six night stand at Riverside.

1980: David Wilcox is in Toronto for the first of a two night stand at El Mocambo.

1981: Ian Thomas is in Toronto for a show at the Arlington.

1984: Ron Tabak, original singer for Prism dies of a brain hemhorrage following a bicycle accident in Vancouver days earlier.

1986: Coney Hatch is in Toronto for a show at Nags Head North.

1992: Sass Jordan peaks at #17 on Billboard with “If You’re Gonna Love Me.”

1992: Coney Hatch is in Toronto for a show at RPM Club.

2004: Robbie Rae, formerly of The Raes and GNP goes missing when a tsunami hits the village in Thailand that he’s living in. He’s found two days later and recovers from his injuries.

2011: Clayton Bellamy releases the title track from his forthcoming album, EVERYONE’S A DREAMER.

2015: Platinum Blonde is in Toronto for a show at the Danforth Music Hall.

2015: Sum 41 release two tracks – “Murderer of Crows” and “Fake My Own Death” as teasers of their upcoming comeback album, THIRTEEN VOICES.

2018: Chilblaine Winters releases his new single, “Horse Thief Blues.”

2019: Raincity make their first appearance ever at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, opening for Small Town Artillery and Five Alarm Funk.

2019: Likkle Dainjah releases his new single, “Works Fi Mine.”