Tim Vaughn

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The pride of Saskatoon, Maple Blues Award nominee Tim Vaughn is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, whoses soulful voice and immaculate guitar, bass and keyboard work have been resonating through clubs across Canada since he first began playing live in the late 1990s.

His debut album, TWO TONE BLUE, was released in 2003, and it wasn’t long before the blues infused rock tracks like “Just The Same,” “All She Knows,” and the lead off “I Can’t,” made critics and fans alike sit up and take notice. Shear musicianship rang true, with influences from Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray, ZZ Top, and Hendrix more than merely apparent.

For the critically-acclaimed follow-up, READ BETWEEN THE LINES in 2011, he turned to Wide Mouth Mason‘s Shaun Verreault for production. Again an independent release, and like its predecessor, READ BETWEEN THE LINES was all originals. Songs like “Back Before The Dawn,” “Thirst,” “Just The Same,” “Leaving You Behind,” and “Sharp Like An Arrow” took the genre to new levels in the eyes of many critics. The album was produced by Along with blistering axe-work, it also featured songwriting that blends his blues influences with an inspired energy.

He said the biggest thing he gained from the eight years hiatus between albums is maturity. “If someone says I’ve matured as an artist, I take it as a compliment. As an artist, growth is what you strive for,” he commented.

Over his career, Vaughn’s toured the country backing up the likes of the legendary Johnny Winter, Los Lobos, Bo Diddley, Downchild Blues Band and Theory of a Deadman. And along the way, he¬ís also left an indelible mark on audiences while playing the intimate settings on his own, or with a backing band. He’s become a regular staple at all the blues venues across the west, including the Odeon in Saskatchewan, The Blues Can in Calgary, and the famed Yale in Vancouver.

Vaughn’s been referred to by some critics as ‘The next Colin James,’ but simply labelling Vaughn under the blues category doesn’t give him the credit he’s earned over the years for injecting a renewed vigor in the music. When asked to describe his sound, he said, “It’s Like Prince, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and Radiohead all met Los Lobos at the bar.”

An inventive songwriter and commanding performer, he’s shown he’s not afraid to push himself when it comes to showmanship. Screaming guitar solos, funky compositions and soaring vocals are all key elements to Vaughn’s sound. And with a unique expertise on a variety of styles and instruments, Vaugh has gained a reputation as a “Renaissance Man”, far beyond his years.

  • With notes from Tim Vaughn

    two tone blue
    TWO TONE BLUE (2003)
    I Can’t
    Just the Same
    All She Knows
    Your Way
    Take Me Back
    On My Mind
    New Direction
    So Low
    The New
    Lost (No Sense)
    Again Part II
    read between the lines
    Leaving You Behind
    What Can I Do to Make You Mine
    Hold On to My Head
    Cut You Down to Size
    Sharp Like An Arrow
    Get It Before It’s Gone
    Read Between the Lines
    Back Before the Dawn
    Leaving This World to You