CD Review: HELD
By Dancin’ Monkey

Some new bands are better off playing in nightclubs, because let’s face it – many of today’s artists just don’t have what it takes to entertain the world. However, Upbringing does not fall under that category. Aside from their old 80’s metal lookand Dave Tettamente’s unintentional Axl Rose impersonation, these four guys’ talent deserves to be shared amongst the world.

Eric Hutton, Billy Haner, and Deano Rocko sure can play their instruments with the best in the business. In fact they are so gifted that from the minute you start listening to “Illusion”, their first song on their debut album HELD, you just can’t help but finish the other 43 of the minutes of the CD. Even though they are a newer band, when listening to their beat and rhythm, it brings you back to the ’80’s. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you to decide. Good crisp bass, mad rattling of the snare drums and deep kicking of the bas drums is what would make any mateal-head straighten their heads and say ‘Hey – these guys are awesome’. To my buddies and me ‘awesome’ does not describe Upbringing. Ever since I received their disc to review it, it has never left my stereo. It sits right next to my favourite bands of Metallica, Disturbed and Evanescence.

You’re probably reading this saying ‘this jackass has no clue what he’s talking about. Rhythm and beat aren’t the only things that matter’. Well, I’m getting to the lyrics … Most bands sing about the same things, but Upbringing does not follow that pattern. HELD is quite uplifting and energetic.

Most of the time an album gets ruined by the slower songs. However, they just improve the quality of their CD. Simply because this quartet finds a way to ake an audience enjoy listening to their music. I’ve foundthat if you play HELD in the background whilst playing cards, having a party or even just relaxing that it make the activity more enjoyable. The only downsides I found is that some of their songs sound similar and the band could probably benefit from trying to diversify a little more. You also may have a bit of trouble understanding Dave Tettemante’s singing voice at times. This however doesn’t affect the overall superb ‘basement production’ of the album all that much. Overall I’d have to say this is one of their better INDEPENDENT discs on the market right now.