Wackers discography
 Bob Segarini, Randy Bishop JP Lauzon, Kootch Trochim, Ernie EarnshawAfter two albums – one each with Family Tree and Roxy and moderate success with each, California-born Bob Segarini formed The Wackers with fellow Roxy member Randy Bishop and Bill ‘Kootch’ Trochim, whom he’d played with in Family Tree.

Rounding out the cast were Michael Stull and Spencer Earnshaw. They landed a deal with Elektra and released their debut WACKERING HEIGHTS in 1971. Support for the album was good here in Canada, and they began touring the central country and into the US, following the success of the tracks “Travelin’ Time” and “Body Go Round.”

After relocating to Montreal, they recorded their second album, HOT WACKS at Andre Perry’s studio in Old Montreal. Songs included “I Hardly Know Her Name,” John Lennon’s “Oh My Love” and the exquisite Abbey Road-like “Time Will Carry On” medley. The third album, SHREDDER, was released in 1973 and featured “Day and Night” (a chart single), “Beach Song” and “Last Dance.”

Despite Stull leaving the group shortly after the move to Montreal, and April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer and guitarist JP Lauzon playing on several of the “SHREDDER” tracks, Segarini, Trochim, Bishop and Earnshaw went on to record an unreleased fourth album, “WACK ‘N’ ROLL.” Soon after, Earnshaw returned to California and Bishop began a solo career.

The Wackers soldiered on for a time with new additions — Leon Holt, Norman Vosko, and Wayne Cullen — and released one single on Polydor Records, “All I Want To Do Is Love You.” Segarini, Trochim, and Cullen would then form The Dudes, with original April Wine members David and Ritchie Henman, and future April Wine guitarist Brian Greenway.

Bob Segarini went on to enjoy a critically acclaimed solo career and later ventured into TV and Radio broadcasting.Three of Segarini’s solo albums and a Dudes‘ compilation were released on CD in the mid ’90s. Segarini also re-teamed with ex-Dudes-mate David Henman in ’97 to form Cats & Dogs. The unreleased album, WACK ‘N’ ROLL was released on CD on a limited basis in 2011 when The Wackers gathered for a reunion concert at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto on July 24th.

  • With notes from Wayne Cullen, Bob Segarini, Kootch Trochim

    wackering heights
    Travelin’ Time
    Body Go Round
    Don’t Be Cruel
    Country Queen
    Don’t Put Down the Singer
    I Don’t Want My Love Refused
    White House
    I Like
    On the Way Up
    Such a Good Thing
    No Place for the Children
    hot wacks
    HOT WACKS (1972)
    We Can Be
    Oh My Love
    Wait And See
    Do You Know The Reason
    Breathe Easy
    Time Will Carry On
    Maybe Tomorrow
    Hot Wacks
    Anytime / Anyday
    Find Your Own Way
    Time Will Carry On ( Won’t It )
    SHREDDER (1973)
    Day And Night
    Hey Lawdy Mama
    I’ll Believe In You
    Puttin Myself To Sleep
    Eventually – Even You, Even Me
    Coming Apart
    It’s My Life
    Beach Song
    Buck Duckdog
    Last Dance


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