William Prince

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Originally from Pegasus First Nation outside Winnipeg, William Prince grew up with music in his family. His father was a preacher, so Prince naturally first got into music because of the church choir. “I started out playing piano, but the girls just didn’t dig that,” he joked.

He released his debut album, EARHTLY DAYS in 2015, and instantly gained critical praise. From “Mama” and “Eddy Boy” – an ode to his father, to the title track about now having a child himself, family roots are an important element to his music. And he routinely thanks his parents during his shows for the grounded upbringing that provided him the opportunity to do what he loves to do today.

His shows are full of intimate stories – growing up in a family that didn’t necessarily have a lot, but had everything he needed. That even includes living with the whole family in a house that didn’t even have running water. “Life wasn’t always the greatest, but it was always the best.”

Other notable tracks included the lead single prior to the album’s release, “The Carny,” which hit number on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown, and “Little Things” – the appreciation of what he calls the “things that really matter in life.”

He’s toured the country numerous times, and has also made several trips overseas, gaining respect and admiration for his ability to tell honest tales with conviction along the way. He’s won a number of Aboriginal music awards, and has played just about every major festival. He started off 2017 opening for Dwight Yoakam for select dates on his Canadian tour, and added Susan Aglukark and Buffy Sainte Marie to that list the same year.