Winnie Brave

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Husband/wife team of Brad and Amy McIsaac first got serious about music in 2012. They’d played a bit in front of crowds for a couple of years to that point, but that Fall inspiration for change struck.

They sold the house, jobs were left behind, and an old towable trailer became the new way of life. In the next three months, they travelled over 7,000 kms, playing to club crowds throughout Canada and into the US. They found a recording studio after returning to Canada and while in Ontario, and released their self-titled debut in early 2014.

Featuring a collection of songs inspired by their recent journey, it would become the foundation for what would become their signature sound and was quickly met with critical praise. The simplicity of tracks like the lead-off “Memphis,” “Pepper and Spark,” and “The Storm” is offset with wonderful harmonies and well-placed violins and Hammond organ.

They continued touring over the next few years while writing some material, and in 2016 they travelled over 20,000 kms over a nine month period, building their audience throughout western Canada and the US. During the winter of 2017, the duo hunkered down in an old church-turned-recording studio in Hamilton and recorded their sophomore album, CHEAP GIN.

The raucous “Moonshine” and “Wear You Down” lay the foundations for about as good a sophomore album a music fan can expect. A sense of maturity gives the elements that make the band’s roots unique. But then you get into the groove of cuts like “Digging For Fire” and “Lover On The Side.” Combine those transitional tempos with their reputation for their energetic live shows, and they’re easily one of Alberta’s best kept secrets.

In typical fashion, they packed up their 1974 Winnebago (from which they derived the band’s name), and again hit the road the minute the discs were pressed, and haven’t really had an extended break since.

winnie brave
The Storm
Globe & Mail
The Deep End
Pepper and Spark
Wrecking Ball
Cash Money
cheap gin
CHEAP GIN (2017)
Wear You Down
Digging for Fire
Spicey Water
Lover on the Sid
New Mexico
Cheap Gin